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White River Theater Day Trip

Introducing an amazing day trip for any age group.  The White River Theater is proud to present the "White River Theater Day Trip".  This day trip includes a shopping trip on the beautiful Mountain View, Arkansas square, a lunch buffet meal (including drink), Branson quality show and a free popcorn for the amazing price of $25.00  (transportation not included).  This trip would be perfect for your church group, youth group or any social group.  This offer is for a  Saturday only and there must be a minimum of 15 people in your group to get this special offer.

For the month of November, please contact us.  We have no scheduled 2pm shows but we will gladly try to have a show for your group if possible.  Please call for availability. 

Here is a sample Itinerary for the White River Theater Day Trip:

This sample itinerary is for a group that leaves their destination within two hours of Mountain View, Arkansas.  These locations include Little Rock, Fayetteville, Bentonville, Fort Smith, and Jonesboro.  If you live closer or farther than these cities, please adjust your start time and know that you will be getting back a little later.

  8:00 AM  -  Leave for Mountain View, AR

10:00 AM -  Park in the beautiful Mountain View Square and shop the amazing shops (see picture above)

12:30 PM -  Get on the bus and go about two miles to the restaurant (Buffet Meal & Drink included)

  1:30 PM -  Enter the White River Theater to see "Nashville Recording Artist Traley Fisher" (Country & Gospel)

  2:00 PM -  Show time

  4:00 PM -  Show ends

  4:20 PM -  Leave Mountain View to be home by dinner

Yes, all of this fun for only $25.00 per person (including tax).

Your group may also want to see the beautiful Blanchard Springs Caverns.

If so, we have a package deal that includes the caverns tour, lunch buffet and 

the "Nashville Recording Artist Traley Fisher" show for only $35.00 (Children 6-15 $25.00)

If your group wants more adventure, try our Loco Ropes Package.
This package deal includes the the Loco Ropes "Tower Adventure" , lunch buffet and 
the "Nashville Recording Artist Traley Fisher" show for only $35.00

(Both of these packages would be great for a youth group or college group).

To order your tickets and reserve your date, please call (870)214-2326.